zaterdag 16 juli 2011

From boardgame to artjournal.....

Yeah proud me...I've made my first handmade artjournal. I found an old backgammon game while we were moving my mom last week, found much more stuff that I can use for artjournaling. Since I've started artjournaling I see something usefull in everything. 
I covered it with gesso and glued some papernapkins on (found those to at my mom's) I just loved the bright colors
After that I started messing with paint and colorwash and at one point I thought I completly ruined it. Too bad I didn't take pictures of the whole process. When I thought the front was finished It turned out like this. At the front there is nothing left of the napkins. The pictures don't capture  the texture and the color that well but anyway this is the front.
I've cut some watercolor paper and binded them into the cover (inspired by Teesha Moore). I am very pleased with what it turned into. I start to believe there is a bit of an artist hidden in me. Yeah again!

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